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Mount Desert Island: Shaped by Nature

Northeast Harbor: From Rustic to Rusticators

Harbourside, Northeast Harbor, 1903

Harbourside, Northeast Harbor, 1903

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Great Harbor Maritime Museum

It wasn't only the local people who realized the potential profit to be made from these newcomers. Even some of the entrepreneurial summer people were quick to make a dollar. In 1890, James Terry Gardiner and a partner named Frank Wiswell purchased most of the western side of the harbor and began constructing the Harbourside community. They constructed six cottages and two additional buildings to serve as an inn and dining facilities for the cottages, all of which were designed by Fred L. Savage, a local man and esteemed architect. There were purposely no kitchens in the houses so the people would all go to the Harbourside Inn for their meals. Later on, more houses were constructed in that area, and many kitchens were added. At the point when the Harbourside community was being constructed, it was often referred to as Shingleville because of the abundance of shingle-styled houses for which Savage was noted.

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