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Mount Desert Island: Shaped by Nature

Maine Granite Industry-Hall Quarry

Hall Quarry Schoolhouse and Children

Hall Quarry Schoolhouse and Children

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Maine Granite Industry Historical Society

When the kids weren't at school they would go watch men work loading granite onto the ships. The most exciting incident was the sinking of the Delphini. If kids were bored and wanted something to do and make some extra money they would pick berries. Berry picking, especially blueberries, raspberries and blackberries were plentiful around the quarry ledges. Youngsters made money selling these by the quart for as little as 10 cents. Climbing Acadia (then Robinson) Mountain on the blueberry picking expeditions was an event. So when the fathers were working the quarries and mothers were home the kids always had something to do. When winter came the quarries closed but still there were a bunch of things for families to do. Families would go to dance halls or go ice skating. Also bob sleds were common. When electricity eventually came it powered sewing machines which mothers would sew clothing for the family. Mothers also made school lunches at home and parties at their houses were festivals. Families were happy no matter what they were doing at anytime because they were making money and they had friends but most importantly, they had each other. (O?Neill)

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