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Mount Desert Island: Shaped by Nature

Maine Granite Industry-Hall Quarry

Granite quarry, Hancock County

Granite quarry, Hancock County

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Maine Granite Industry Historical Society

"An important element of Maine's native weath is to be found
in her quarries. Granite abounds in many parts of the interior
and conspicuously so along the coast. A leading center of the
industry is among the islands..." So stated the Bureau of
Industrial and Labor statistics in their annual report of 1895.
By 1902, Maine ranked first in granite produced in the United
States. Contributing to that boom were the quarries of Mount
Desert Island. Indeed, one of its villages was founded and
existed to supply the nation with its distinctive pink stone used
in monumental, building and paving. That commnunity, now
called Hall Quarry, reflects not only the growth of that industry
but characterizes the historical trends of that time. From
immigration to labor disputes, from tycoons to industrial innovation,
Hall Quarry was a microcosm of national trends. Yet, at the
same time, Hall Quarry was, indeed, a small town on the coast
of Maine, with all the quirks and character that such towns engender.
This is the story of the people, events and technologies of
that town and their time.

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