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Steamers at Seal Harbor, ca. 1920

Steamers at Seal Harbor, ca. 1920

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Great Harbor Maritime Museum

The. S.S. Rangeley was a steamboat that ran for fifty-six years. From 1913 until 1925 when the boat was sold, the boat made stops at Hancock Point, Bar Harbor, Seal Harbor, Northeast Harbor, Manset, and Southwest Harbor. In 1925, the Rangeley was sold to the Hudson River Day Line. Under that flag, she was a popular choice for charters and moonlit excursions. During World War II, the Rangeley was commandeered and renamed F.S. 89. In 1950 the Rangeley was sold to the Government of Bermuda to carry passengers from larger ships to the shore. The boat was retired from service in 1969. She was used for a number of years as a nightclub, and a group called the "Rangeley Foundation" wanted to restore her and bring her back to Mount Desert waters, however that project failed and the Rangeley was lost.

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