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Charles K. Savage (1903-1979): The View from Asticou

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Text by Betsy Hewlett

Asticou Valley View, Northeast Harbor, ca. 1950
Asticou Valley View, Northeast Harbor, ca. 1950
Mount Desert Island Historical Society

Charles Kenneth Savage (1903-1979) had an eye for the intrinsically beautiful natural landscape of Mount Desert Island. He spent part of every day outdoors, walking in the native world around him. He cared passionately about preserving the natural gifts of the island while always enhancing the beauty of his small corner of the Island: Asticou. Whether it be through the lens of his camera while walking on the village trails, artistically developing landscape portraits in the dark room at his Clover Cottage home, drawing small and detailed pencil sketches, or in the constant typewritten discourse about Asticou that he created, Charles kept a vigilant mind and heart turned toward the outdoors of his native village.
Asticou was his world and he knew and loved every corner of it.